Omniaplast Snap Caps

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Product Overview

Omniaplast snap caps were created in the 1970s, the technical knowledge of Omniaplast, a company of plastic high-tech weapons and a passion for the owner, the top-notch Italian marksman.

The design and implementation were accomplished in detail, the development of this material is always evolving, always looking for better materials when it involves durability, safety and environmentally friendly protection. Omniaplast only uses materials resistant and exceptionally technical, and Wee RoHS compliant, to protect the environment.

The snap caps are safe and reliable use, re-usable lots of times, shock-resistant, oil resistant protective arms. Each gauge includes a calibrated spring that correctly copies the resistance applied by an exact trigger during firing. The external dimensions are the same as the actual cartridges and can be loaded into the gun chamber like a real bullet — gains in the exercise of shooting in black, to practice at home risk-free. The Omniaplast snap caps are also used in many schools of Police and Army to educate the use of firearms without loading the real ammo.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review