Otis .30 Cal Mongoose Brush (5-Pcs)

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These are aggressive, fast, agile, clever Otis Brush and has a great tolerance!

5 Pack.30 Caliber Mongoose joint Technology Brush is a high quality brush and swab 2 in 1 combo which is aggressive, rapid, easy-moving, clever and has good tolerance. The Mongoose enables you to clean more quickly from Breech-to-Muzzle.

By making use of a brush and swab in only 1 step, even limited breech gun can be cleaned without hassles. This is a rapid brush and swab 2 in 1 combo for on the go, in a pinch and contains Tufcor proprietary core wire. Then you can invest more time shooting and much less time on cleaning firearms.

Made in USA


(No reviews yet) Write a Review